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Review from Oaxaca FilmFest/Mexico

“ALL LOVE SCHMIDT takes a look at the brave figure that is Bruno Schmidt, cyclist enthusiast who brings awareness to ALS and hope to tis victims, a true hero.

ALL LOVE SCHMIDT introduces us to a remarkable character: Bruno Schmidt, a cyclist enthusiast who brings awareness to ALS, a disease which renders muscles useless and atrophies the body severely. The thing is, Bruno also suffers of ALS himself, and the threat is very present. His family is aware that the disease will not allow him to continue his passion much longer. Bruno must achieve his dream, that of making a bicycle tour through Germany in order to bring hope to those who suffer of ALS as well. Bruno is an inspiring figure, his actions are truly heroic and an inspiration for those who may feel like all is lost. The title of this documentary couldn’t be more right.
The presentation is fantastic, the drone aerial shots are remarkable, the use of magic hour photography, and the quality of the lighting and cinematography are top-notch. This is a gorgeously shot documentary. Sound design and editing are all in top form, it feels like not a second of runtime is wasted. The soundtrack bursts with joy, enhancing the beauty of the story.
 In the end ALL LOVE SCHMIDT is a powerful, inspiring and necessary documentary on a man who finds hope in adversity. An example of fortitude and kindness, Bruno Schmidt is a man doesn’t quit. This documentary honors him and the many people that suffer of ALS. The prospect of one’s body functions betraying us is terrifying, but Schmidt marches on, riding his bicycle while the sun shines on his face.“oaxaca

Der Soundtrack

Wir möchten uns ganz herzlich bei allen Künstlern für ihr Engagement und ihre großartigen Songs bedanken!!

Johannes Oerding – Heimat
LEA – Die Segel sind gesetzt & Rückenwind
Klaas Heufer-Umlauf und seine Band GLORIA – Das, was passiert
The Dead Lovers – Big World & The Storm

Plan C – Mut
Nadine Heidenreich – Beat of my heart   
Loretta Stern und ihre Band KARLHEINZ – Querfeldein

Peak and Valley – Running

Forger – Through the dust & My hero
Katharina Bousch – In Control & More than before

Kevin Maeck Meyer– ALSo kämpfen wir

Ben Sands – Here comes the day
Pieter Gensch

Gloria, 2013

das offizielle Video von Plan C:





Award of Excellence

We are proud to announce our first Award for „All Love Schmidt“ –

Unser erster Award für „Alle Lieben Schmidt“!

The IndieFest Film Awards:
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Our judges base their decisions on the quality, creativity and technical aspects of each piece. The award appropriately reflects the endless hours you and your team have spent to create your outstanding production! Congratulations on your achievement!